A Small Business with Big Dreams


Liyana Studio's story began when I was doodling funny animals on my lap in a tiny home studio in Berkeley, California. It was a mental break while searching for a job after graduating from engineering school. After sharing my self-taught art on Reddit, it gained instant fame of over 2 million "upvotes". Encouraged by this unexpected success and with funding from kind internet strangers, I opened Liyana Studio in December 2017.

Rooted in online meme culture, my illustrated animals do not just smile; they grin, beam, smug, and wink; they express and pose like us. It’s my passion to make you chuckle, laugh out loud, and make an audible "aww". I can’t wait for you to share these feelings with your loved ones by gifting them the cards.

Now, this one woman-owned studio has grown to include more than 300 designs including cards, art prints, stickers. I continue to take pride in handmaking each product and locally sourcing my supplies. All of my cards are hand-painted, printed, folded, and packed by me in my tiny home studio, while I dream of one day growing into an art studio.

I am grateful for every order. It is because of you and your amazing customers that I get to do what I love for a living. Thank you a million!


Meet The One Woman Doing It All

Hi, I am the owner and artist of Liyana studio. The brand name Liyana is my Chinese name, you can call me Yana. I am a self-taught artist and entrepreneur