Collection: Thanksgiving Cards

Everyone sends Christmas cards. Start a new trend this year and get your card in their mailbox first by sending Thanksgiving cards. Thanksgiving cards bundle set help you send warm, heartfelt Thanksgiving wishes to friends and family near and far. Try cats and dogs variety pack to add a handwritten message to a Thanksgiving greeting card for an ideal way to express gratitude for the joy, warmth and love that friends and family bring to your life. Purchase a cute Thanksgiving card for baby's first Thanksgiving, a funny Thanksgiving card for your sister or best friend, and a heartfelt, traditionally designed card for family across the miles. With sincere messages of appreciation, love and caring and elegant designs, Signature cards featuring detailed embellishments and detachable gifts are often a Thanksgiving gift all on their own. 

Tips: when to send out your cards

Thanksgiving cards— November 7th – November 14th

Thanksgiving cards — while totally awesome and greatly appreciated by everyone — don’t tend to cause the same rush of mail as the rest of the holidays. Which, of course, means good news for those who may wait until the last minute! The typical 3-7 day delivery time still applies so if you get wrapped up in life it’s not the end of the world. 

Remember — the post office will not be delivering the cards on Thanksgiving. This means when you’re calculating how far in advance (using the 3-7 days) use the Wednesday before Thanksgiving as your day 1. That means if you want to get your cards delivered by Thanksgiving — put them in the mail by November 16th. Also something to keep in mind — late Thanksgiving cards don’t have quite the same effect as late Christmas cards. People will still love getting a late Christmas card. However, once Thanksgiving has come and gone, people have moved on to more exciting things. So try to get those Thanksgiving cards in the mail on time. Earlier is definitely better in this case.

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